Our Benefits

Flat and house building

We offer various services in the field of flat and house construction. We are by your side from the beginning to the final touch of our project. From single-family houses in various dimensions to apartment buildings with individual floor plans, we have a broadly diversified portfolio.

We have attractive offers for property owners: We build on their land and in return they get one or more flats. Our offers cover the whole spectrum from the rough construction to the finished home.

This service is particularly suitable for customers without building experience. We build, you move in! Depending on the size and location of the property, we offer you individual building projects and rental options. With this, you save not only the extra financial effort, but also the stress that building a house entails. To ensure that everything runs smoothly, we work as transparently as possible and share every development with our client. This means no surprising additional costs for you. You only have to sit back and wait for the finalisation of the project.

Purchase and sale

Do you want to change your life? Do you want a change of scenery? Why not buy a new property directly! Many people lack an overview of the real estate market. We can help you to find the true value of your property. We will support you with market analysis, and evaluation of your property’s situation. When the property’s price is determined, in your favour, we will develop a sales strategy for you and with you in order to sell your property for the best possible price. During the marketing process we use both analogue and digital platforms targeting national and international markets in different currencies. Together we will achieve the highest possible yield.

<p style=”text-align: justify;”>Our experienced real estate experts browse the estate market based on your personal wishes and needs. An attractive flat at the pulse of the city, or a house on the countryside. We do not only specialise in homes, but also in our clients wishes and interests. Besides, we always strive offer the best possible purchase price for you.

Real Estate Rental

Every family can not afford to buy a flat or house. That is however, no reason to do without a new, luxurious, solid, peaceful home in harmony with the city or nature. Among our completed projects there are also rental objects. Our portfolio includes properties and flats for every budget, and in every size. If we do not immediately have the right property for you, we will help you find it! Our first and most important principle for real estate rentals is a fair rent. For this reason, we guarantee: no yield, no usury, and rental prices at realistic conditions.

Renovation, refurbishment and conversion work

The home is full of memories. This is not however, an obstacle for modernisation. After an expert assessment, our specialised craftsmen will renovate your home according to the best possible technical and design possibilities, in order to keep your house feel like a home, so new memories can be created.

From simple renovations to newly designed interiors, we cover all types of changes, repairs and renovations. This also includes facade work and thermal insulation measures. Depending on the condition of the property, we will be happy to advise you on which measures are applicable for renewable energy and thermal insulation. Efficiency and aesthetics no longer go their separate ways. What is beautiful for your eyes can also be good for your wallet.

To ensure that every renovation achieves the maximum quality, we only use EU-certified materials and guarantee the highest standards of work safety.”