Esentepe means “the Windy Hill”. 

This small village is located on the north coast of northern Cyprus, east of Kyrenia and dates back to the Byzantine period.

If you want to get to know the island and its unique nature and escape from city life, Esentepe is a unique opportunity. The village has a charm that cannot be described with words; instead, it must be experienced. Time seems to run a little slower in this beautiful place as one is submerged into serenity and peace. In this tranquil atmosphere, you can relax and will feel the stress lifting off your shoulders.  While enjoying a cup of coffee in the centre of Esentepe or having a glass of wine in the evening, one quickly forgets about the mundane routine of everyday life. 

The inhabitants of Esentepe are mainly Turkish citizens who emigrated from the Black Sea region to Northern Cyprus before 1974. The village has evolved over the recent years and has become known to tourists and locals alike as a secret pearl of the area. Esentepe has welcomed many new faces who wanted to visit but fell in love with it and stayed. 

Although Esentepe has gained popularity, this does not detract from its appeal, but on the contrary, enhances its rustic charm.