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A house is more than just a project for the family, it is a home. Every family deserves their own home, and every family deserves to live to the highest standards.
That is where we come in! The home belongs to the family, and as such all decisions about their home, belong to them too. Our task is to make their dreams come true. We are customer-oriented, offer sincere advice, high quality projects and support your family in many areas of the real estate market.

We will be by your side from the initial phase until you move into your new home. For this purpose, a detailed inventory with all your wishes and needs are prepared in advance. You have an direct influence on the architecture, building materials and layout of the rooms. Our qualified team is always available to advise you questions regarding sustainability and value enhancement. In order for your property’s value to remain for years, this is one of many reasons why we develop modern and future oriented ideas.

We offer an all-in-one solution, but we also work in other ways; Have you already found your dream architectural structure and only need us for the interior work? Then we are also happy to take on partial projects. In such cases, we coordinate with your architect and guarantee construction that is true to the project as well as individually adapted.

Our goal is to contribution to more energy-conscious construction. Energy efficiency and environmentally friendly materials and climate-friendly thermal insulation is not only a contribution to help the environment, but also your wallet. We always comply with the latest Energy Saving Ordinance and the Renewable Energies Heat Act.

No matter which building phase your home is in; we guarantee a smooth-running qualitative process, so that your project becomes your home as soon as possible!

We offer:

  • The right property and project for every need and financial situation.
  • EU standards at every stage of the projects.
  • Evaluation and utilisation of your property.
  • Turnkey apartments or detached houses.
  • Properties in harmony with the environment.
  • Understanding of modern urban development.
  • Accurate static calculations.
  • Environmentally friendly and energy-efficient building materials.

Foreign real estate as an investment

The world’s best beachfront property purchases in 2021 include Northern Cyprus.

This is shown by the results of a survey by the Global Property Survey 2021. An annual index is examined here. The index shows how much it costs to buy and own a property in the best places to live or retire.

Do you dream of being able to retreat to a warm place in the cold winter months? Then North Cyprus is one of the best options for you. North Cyprus also offers good investment opportunities that generate rental income while you can enjoy the luxury and the beauty of the island.

Northern Cyprus

Located in the Mediterranean Sea besides Europe and Turkey, Northern Cyprus is still unknown to many, but this former British colony has a lot to offer. Northern Cyprus presents the best the Mediterranean has to offer at a fraction of the cost of living in popular countries. North Cyprus also has incredible nature and is a diamond in the rough. The tourism infrastructure, clubs, casinos and luxury hotels, all of which are cheaper than in the more well-known markets, are at a high level.

Besides the low cost of living, the main attractions of investment are by the beaches and the sea. It is also possible to buy condos, houses and villas with ocean views and direct beach access for a fraction of the money. There is also the option of making a purchase with developer funding, which will mean low capital requirements for your investments.

The real estate market in the Kyrenia region in particular is trading at a high level and will increase in value in the coming years.

Retiring in Northern Cyprus would mean life outside of the more familiar comfort zones of Europe and America. If you are investing and want a change of scenery, North Cyprus would be the ideal market to enjoy the luxury for a fraction of the prices in the well-known markets and the possibility to watch your investment grow.

Offshore companies – Forget Hong Kong and Dubai, it’s all about Northern Cyprus!

Northern Cyprus is a tax heaven

Are you interested in setting up perfectly tax-optimised company? Your solution is right here! There are plenty of opportunities to set up an offshore company in Europe and Northern Cyprus is one of these locations: the island offers discreet banking, a secure trust law as well as very low taxation on the North side of Cyprus.

With the development of tourism and the introduction of tax preferences, the region’s financial sector is blooming. It should be mentioned that the island is strategically located at the intersection of trade routes between Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia, but it’s Northern part is not under any EU regulations.

An offshore company is a legal entity that is registered in the Registrar of Companies of a particular jurisdiction, but conducts its business outside of the registration country. The main advantage of such a company is tax optimisation together with anonymity of the owners, directors, secretaries and shareholders thanks to the nominee services provided.

We are happy to assist you in opening and structuring such a company for you with best tax framework designed specifically for your business and personal needs.

If we have piqued your interest, please contact us.